Tim Harris

Tim Harris has been a full time
Real Estate professional

Tim Harris has been a full time Real Estate professional for over 25 years including over 20 years on Oahu.

In his extensive Real Estate career he has handled a wide range of demanding and challenging transactions successfully and smoothly for his many satisfied clients.

His experience is concentrated on helping others

buy and sell homes, condos, apartment buildings, and commercial properties.

With his wife Lili
Tim has lived in

Hawaii Kai
since 1980


He enjoys the opportunity to assist people in making smart and informed decisions when purchasing or selling a property. Their daughter Angela teaches at HPU and their son Peter is a photographer in Honolulu. Today, in his spare time, Tim is a competitive skydiver with over 4,000 jumps and has participated in many world records. He gives the same intense conscientious attention to detail in successfully completing his client's transactions as he does packing his own parachute. His parachute has never failed to open, and his client's escrows have never failed to close. Another important result of this diligence is neither Tim nor his clients have ever been involved in any litigation.

The process of selecting our seller’s agent began 10 months before deciding to put our home on the market. We had received several postcards from Tim Harris, introducing himself and sharing information about the property values within our Hawaii Kai townhouse complex at the Village Green. I was impressed by Tim’s pro-active recruitment of clients and I knew that he would do the same to find buyers for our home.

After meeting Tim in early 2012, I felt sure he was the right agent for us. Not only did he specialize in Hawaii Kai, he knew our complex firsthand and had sold many units including the highest priced unit on the property. He arrived to our first meeting well prepared with a sales strategy, marketing plan, and all the standard comparables. I was assured by his satisfaction guaranteed clause. He performed a walk-through, advising us on a few fixes that would enable a smoother sale for our property in the future. We were not ready to sell our home until almost 9 months after out first meeting. Throughout this time, Tim checked in via email and phone, to update us about property values, current inventory, and just to stay in touch. I really appreciated his diligence and perseverance. Most realtors forget about their potential clients if the sale isn’t immediate.

When it came time, we had to relocate very quickly and we asked him to list and prepare for an open house in two weeks. He would be responsible for the sale of our home after we re-located. He was positive and assured us that it was enough time to prepare for a great open house. He used the 2 week time period very productively, generating a buzz among realtors and securing over 20 viewers at the first open house. We received 3 offers, 2 solid offers, and he was able to help us select the most qualified buyer with a 30 day closing all thanks to Tim’s unique sales strategy. If you are reading this, then you are giving serious thought to who will represent you in the sale of your Hawaii real estate. Let me give you the best free advice you will ever receive. Tim Harris is the Agent for you. He is honest, caring, and a very smart man. He will steer you into making all the right decisions for your sale and possibly get you even more money than you asked for like he did for me.

How to pick the right property for you

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Finding the perfect house for you

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A property that meets your specific needs

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